What is this?

Where2Soar is a free mobile and desktop friendly web interface for RASP forecasts.

Why is this made?

Existing web interfaces for RASP forecasts are often not smartphone friendly, overloaded, and are therefore difficult to access quickly when away from PC, e.g. just before take-off or even during flight. Where2Soar is created to ease access and navigation in RASP forecasts from smartphones, and it is also PC friendly.

How does it work?

RASP BLIPMAP forecasting model is originally created by Dr. John W. (Jack) Glendening. The forecast models are run by amateurs for many different locations.

RASP BLIPMAP forecasts generate images of forecast maps and soundings. Where2Soar provides easy access to these forecast data and simple navigation.

Where2Soar does not generate any forecast data but merely provides simple common web-interface for them. The quality of each forecast soleily depends on a particular RASP setup. For setup details please refer to the original RASP server sites using "RASP server" links for each forecast.

Privacy policy and handling of data

This website acts merely as a "proxy web-interface" to existing web-sites with RASP forecasts. The only information collected from the users, and analyzed by this website are cookies with popular selections of the forecast parameters. This is done only to provide more user-friendly interface.

Additionally, by nature of HTTP protocol, this website automatically receives minimal information about visitors, such as IP address or similar, however, this information is not processed in any way. This website does not share any information described above with third parties.

BE AWARE: Since this website acts as a "proxy web-interface", the RASP forecast servers, where the forecast data is coming from, might collect and process some information about users. Please refer to those servers for the privacy policy they use. You can use the links under each RASP forecast site here.

Version 2.0.0

September 2018